As you may have noticed, we have updated our website! We have completely redesigned the whole site, & added some new features. Here's a quick run down of the most important changes:

New Service - Swing Tags


Our newest addition to our list of services, after many requests, are swing tags. We have standard size, weight & materials listed as to not overcomplicate things, but we can produce completely custom products depending on your requirements. 

Screen Printing Page

We have completely overhauled our screen printing page to better explain the difference in ink types & print finishes, along with some selected speciality inks you may not know we offer.


Since we have a back catalogue of many excellently printed garments, one important feature is our new portfolio, which has a clean, large gallery so you can check out those print details. We are looking to update this frequently, but for our most up-to-date work, we have also added an Instagram gallery to the portfolio page. While we mention that, follow us!


We have some selected products available to purchase online, which we will be adding to over time. These are now available in quantity 25 - 200, rather than 50 - 100 previously. After many requests we have added American Apparel offers, & will be adding plenty more over time so keep checking back.


The catalogue has had a tonne of new products added, & photos are much larger so you can check out the finish of each product. We have also added tags to each product, so you can filter by similar products of the same tag, such as "organic", "regular fit", "ethically made" etc. As with the offers, we will be updating this frequently with popular products. As before, the catalogue is a still a selection of our most popular items, we can source many, many more products. Just let us know what you're after!


The new site is much, much easier for us to update in house, rather than having to go through a 3rd party developer every time we need to make changes, so expect the content to be updated much more frequently than previously! 

Oh, one last thing... we now have comments enabled on our blog so... feel free to leave one!