+ What is your turnaround time?

Turnaround time is typically 7 - 10 working days from the date of confirmed payment, artwork & proof approval, but can vary slightly depending on how booked up we are, how large the order is, & whether there's any garment finishing or embroidery added. We should be able to provide you with a estimated turnaround before placing an order. Rush orders are sometimes available at additional cost, just let us know your deadline before ordering.

+ I have a particular product in mind, can you source it?

The products we display online are only a very small selection of the products we can source. If you have a particular garment in mind that you can't see it in our catalogue drop us an email & we'll no doubt be able to source it for you!

+ What inks do you use?

You can look over the various ink types & print finishes in the Screen Printing section.

+ Do you charge extra for front & back prints?

Any additional prints will be charged at extra cost. We have to print each shirt side individually so will be charged as 2 print locations.

+ One off samples?

Due to the set up involved with screen printing we don't offer sampling as a service. When an order is placed we send over a scaled, digital proof of your design before going ahead with printing. This displays the print size, position & print colours. This should eliminate potential problems. If you're wary of print quality we have pre printed samples available from the "sample" page on our site.

+ After I place an order, what happens next?

After we receive payment confirmation we will send an email confirming we have processed your order. This usually takes up to a few hours & will contain your estimated delivery date, invoice & proof sheet with your design placed on a t-shirt template. The proof will display the print position, size, ink colours & any other additional information. You have the opportunity to make any changes you need, & then after approval production can start.

+ Are you VAT registered?

Yes, we are VAT registered, our VAT number is 109 5681 02. VAT is included at the bottom of all invoices.

+ Is white ink on black/dark shirts priced as 2 colours?

No, we only charge for 1 colour. Also, dark grey ink on dark shirts is usually priced as 1 colour too. With the exception of grey & white all other ink colours that are lighter than the shirt colour will be charged as 2 colours as they require an additional underbase screen to be made.

+ All Over Prints? (Sublimation)

We can produce all over prints, but these will be sublimated, not screen printed. Our maximum size for screen printing is 40cm x 55cm.

+ Why are my sizes slightly different to what I ordered?

One of the facts you can't escape from with screen printing is there's inevitably going to be some defected or misprinted shirts during a print run. This could be print related, or problems with the shirt, either way we over order stock to compensate for these potential problems. Occasionally we don't have enough spare tees in a particular size for replacements, especially for smaller orders. If you have a shirt missing, more than likely you will have an extra shirt in another size. If not, send us an email & we'll look into it for you.

+ Why are there shirts missing from my order?

Due to the nature of screen printing there is often a % defect rate. This is due to either problems with the garment itself, or due to misprints. This can be between 10% - 2% depending on quantity ordered (the larger the order, the lower the defect rate). Although we do order additional stock to compensate, there can sometimes still be additional defected shirts. You should be informed of the final shirt count, should any items be missing from your order before it ships & credited for the missing amount. If this is not the case, please contact us & we'll resolve it straight away for you.