Professional relabelling services

Add a custom, retail finish to your stock garments with our relabelling services! Most wholesale garments come with a branded tag attached. We can remove these labels & add in your own custom branding. There are many options for adding labels, but here are some of our most popular options.

Tag Removal

Many clothing brands & companies we work for often want to add those extra touches to their garments to make them look more finished & professional. When getting screen printed neck prints (more info here) often customers require a tag removal service to remove the branded label that comes in most wholesale garments. We can completely remove most branded tags, but there are some exceptions. A few items have stitching which cannot be altered, so the tag cannot be removed without damaging the garment, for these items we cut the label to a small, often undetectable stub. Our minimum order for tag removal is 50pcs.


The majority of wholesale garments come with branded labels in. To add a retail finish to your product we can remove these tags, then produce & sew in your own branded label, & you wouldn't know the shirt had been relabelled. A few of the most popular options for relabelling garments are unpick & sew, cut & sew, & a half cut. Unpick & sew is where you unpick the stitching, remove the label & then sew the new label inside the collar with the same colour thread, this is our default option as we feel it gives the best results. Cut & sew is a cheaper option, this is where you cut the branded tag to a small stub, as close as possible to the collar, & then sew a new tag on top. A half cut you leave the existing care label in, but remove the tag with branding, either by unpicking, or cutting. Our minimum order for relabelling is 50pcs.

Hem Tagging

We can manufacture tags for you & sew them into your garments, or if you would like to provide your own, that's fine too. We typically sew in tags with like coloured thread, but some customers prefer a different thread colour. Popular placements for hem tags include sleeves, bottom hems, hoodie strings, hoodie pockets & on beanies, but many other possible placements are available, just let us know when requesting a quote. Our minimum order for hem tagging is 50pcs.

Patch Attachment

As well as manufacturing your patches, we can apply these onto your garments too! We would either stitch these on, or for garments that are unsuitable for sewing we can provide patches with iron on backing, & professionally heat press them on. Minimum order for patch attachment is 50pcs, drop us an email with specifications for a competitive quote!

Swing Tag Attachment

Swing Tag Attachment

Alongside producing your swing tags we can also attach these for you prior to shipping. Often customers will get these polybagged too. Our most common & cost effective attachment is using nylon chord, but we can also attach these with string for a more natural eco friendly look, however this is more time consuming, so a little more expensive. For a competitive quote, drop us an email with your specifications & we'll get right back to you. Our minimum order for swing tag attachment is 50pcs.